The Windrow Family is an American family of warlocks and witches, mostly residing in the New England area.


Little is known of the family’s origin and malevolent ways except that Charles Coote, having researched their lineage, purported some sort of magical talisman may have been the source of their power (The Revenge of the Wizard's Ghost, 46).

The earliest-documented family member was Warren Windrow, who lived on an island in Penobscot Bay off the coast of Maine in the 1840s, though tales of Warren’s ghost being spotted in the New England area persisted into the 20th Century (The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull, 125). When gold was discovered in California in 1848 it sparked a mass migration of over 300,000 people westward, including Warren. Though he found no gold, he did get into a fight with another easterner, Lucius Childermass. Warren later accosted Childermass a second time but was found guilty of attempted murder and hanged (Spell, 126).

Members of the “happy Windrow clan” continued to prosper back east, especially during the 1880s when Zebulon Windrow became wealthy from years in the lumber trade. His estate in downstate New York, known the region over for its Gothic church with 400-foot steeple, served as the final resting place for numerous Windrow family members as well as the hiding place for whatever enchanted item that served as their source of power. The property was guarded by a familiar spirit, a ghastly creature seemingly called into creation by Zebulon.


  • Ensign Edmund “Ulysses Theodore” French
  • Ulysses Theodore Windrow
  • Elijah Rehoboam Windrow
  • Symphorosa Windrow
  • Ulrica Tadcaster Windrow
  • Ursula Tench Windrow
  • Uther Tench Windrow
  • Uther Tintagel Windrow
  • Warren Windrow
  • Zebulon Windrow
  • Zimri K. H. Windrow


A windrow is a row of cut (or mown) hay or small grain crop. It is allowed to dry before being baled, combined, or rolled. By analogy, the term may also be applied to a row of any other material such as snow, earth or materials for collection[1].


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