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The Revenge of the Wizard's Ghost is the fourth book in the Johnny Dixon series, published in 1985.

The spirit of Warren Windrow, seemingly defeated during the events of The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull, has returned and, as revenge, has taken possession of Johnny Dixon.  In a desperate effort to save Johnny's life, his two best friends, Professor Childermass and Fergie, race to the Windrow estate in rural New York state, hoping by some miracle to find something they can use to free him. There, as demonic forces surround and threaten them, they are caught in a most horrifying fight for their own survival.


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  • Zebulon Windrow
  • Windrow Familiar



Revenge is only direct sequel of the proceeding book, picking up the Windrow family saga as started in The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull.


In memory of my grandfather John Monk.

John Bellairs acquired his reading habits and his love for literature and history from books originally belonging to one of his grandfathers, and said that his heroes have elderly, eccentric friends because "my grandfather was very close to me when I was little; he taught me to read and was a model of kindness and friendship that inspires me even now.[1]"


Stained glass window inspired by Gorey's illustration (2010).

Century Studios, a stained glass studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota, that specializes in Tiffany lamp reproductions, constructed a faithful reproduction of Gorey's illustration of the Windrow stained glass window from the dust-jacket of the 1985 hardcover edition. The piece was on display during the 2010 Edward Gorey House Exhibition[2], and was later auctioned off to raise funds for the Edward Gorey House and Museum in Yarmouth, Massachusetts[3].

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