The following are images and explanations of autographs and book dedications found within copies of The Pedant and the Shuffly.



The Pedant and the Shuffly autograph 001
"To Pat with unbridled lust from John (Bellairs) (F.A.)"

Dedication to Pat Thomas (c. 1968). "There is a drawing of a goofy bishop and banner proclaiming, 'Greed is the Foundation of Love.' On the same page is a black-tinted fist clutching a picket sign emblazoned 'Mary See is a Honky.'[1]" The "F.A." refers to Bellairs's self-applied nickname, "famous author".

The Pedant and the Shuffly autograph 002
"To the Duchess of Desmond, seine Herr, Timothy J. Katt, le Bébé, love, greetings, & Happy St. Patrick's Day. March, 1968."

Dedication to Al Myers's parents. "This is garnished with a drawing of a shamrock and a hostile-looking bishop with 'zed' written on his hat. The bishop is saying, 'I can still beat you at scrabble.'[2]"

The Pedant and the Shuffly autograph 003
"To Al with....(OH JESUS CHRIST! I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING) with...Noth."

Dedication to Al Myers.  "This is John’s inscription to me in a copy of his recently published second book. It is of interest because it one of two examples I still possess of one of his Louis XI drawings.[2]"

The Pedant and the Shuffly autograph 004
"To Curt & Jean, who are neither pedants nor shufflies but damned fine people! John Bellairs"

An inscription that belonged to Curt and Jean, friends of John from his days at Shimer College. It is possible that Curt is Curtis Larsen who was on the Shimer English faculty with John.

The Pedant and the Shuffly autograph 005
"Logical Salutations, John Bellairs."

Unknown year


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