The Mummy, the Will, and the Crypt is the second book in the Johnny Dixon series, published in 1983.

Johnny Dixon befriends Byron "Fergie" Ferguson at Boy Scout camp where the two boys stumble upon a clue that Johnny thinks will lead to the lost will of cereal magnate H. Bagwell Glomus.  After learning of his grandmother's brain tumor, Johnny returns to a wintry New Hampshire in hopes the reward money will pay for her operation.  Instead he founds out he's not the only one with a clue as to the will's hiding place.


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For Candice, a fellow writer and a good friend.
"I wrote to John via his publisher in 1978. I'd been a big fan of The Face in the Frost and the first Johnny book. I was just starting to write full-time. I sent John, of all things, a recipe for Indian pudding. He wrote back and we began our friendship by letters. John was my first contact with a "real writer." While he didn't influence my career that much (we wrote vastly different things), he made me realize that "famous writers" were real people, with real problems and real lives. He kept me grounded and laughing at the same time. I wish I had had a chance to reciprocate and dedicate one of my books to John, but he left us too soon.[1]"

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  1. Correspondence with Candice Ransom.
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