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The Sunday Intruder was a Catholic-themed publication that documented a case of fidgeting cured by prayers to Saint Fidgeta witnessed by the Faldstool family; as read in its "Catholic Problems" column (Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies; 22). Mrs. Anthony Adverse Crapple wrote to the Sunday Intruder about a possible Fidgeta apparition influencing her son's actions during Mass.

Fathers Thurifer and Plotch were two of the priests being addressed by letter in the publication's pages.


Our Sunday Visitor is a Roman Catholic publishing company which prints the American national weekly newspaper of that name, as well as numerous Catholic periodicals, books, and other content for parishes.  Founded in 1912, Our Sunday Visitor was the most popular Catholic newsweekly of the twentieth century[1].

"It was of somewhat conservative bent and was geared to the average parishioner with no particular intellectual pretensions. I'm sure it never had a column as crassly titled as 'Catholic Problems.'"[2].


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