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Stoddard's Lectures are a series of books, compiled by author/lecturer John L. Stoddard, that Lewis Barnavelt discovers shortly after moving to his uncle's house in New Zebedee (The House with a Clock in its Walls, 18-9):

  • Lewis initially reads volume 9, which he thinks smells like Old Spice talcum powder, on how nobles murdered Rizzio in front of Mary, Queen of Scots (House, 19).
  • Lewis skips out trick-or-treating (and delays attending Mrs. Zimmermann's cider-and-doughnut party) to read "the exciting part" of one of Stoddard's books (House, 70).
  • Lewis has read about the battles of the Spanish Armada in Stoddard's books (mentioned in both volumes 5 and 9) (House, 72).
  • Later, after seeing a spectral vision of his deceased Aunt Mattie, Lewis retreats upstairs and reads volume 3, specifically Stoddard's "second lecture on China" (House, 119).
  • Following a confrontation with Mrs. Izard, Lewis admits Stoddard "tells you all about Hands of Glory" (House, 174).


Stoddard's lectures delivered across America were published in book form as John L. Stoddard's Lectures and eventually numbered 10 volumes and five supplements (1897-1898).


  1. Norway. Switzerland. Athens. Venice.
  2. Constantinople. Jerusalem. Egypt.
  3. Japan (two lectures). China.
    1. The volume includes two lectures on Japan, not China, as Bellairs notes.
  4. India (two lectures). The Passion play.
  5. Paris. La belle France. Spain.
  6. Berlin. Vienna. St. Petersburg. Moscow.
  7. The Rhine. Belgium. Holland. Mexico.
  8. Florence. Naples. Rome.
  9. Scotland. England. London.
  10. Southern California. Grand cañon of the Colorado River. Yellowstone National Park.

Supplementary volumes

  1. Ireland (two lectures). Denmark. Sweden.
  2. Canada (two lectures). Malta. Gibraltar.
  3. South Tyrol. Around Lake Garda. The Dolomites.
  4. Sicily. Genoa. A drive through the Engadine.
  5. Lake Como. The upper Danube. Bohemia.