The Southern Kingdom was one of the large domains in a country "whose name doesn't matter" (The Face in the Frost, vii). The kingdom was south of the Northern Kingdom, with the Brown River serving as the border. It's most notable resident is Prospero, a wizard.


Remnants and artifacts of the Old Ones, the people that inhabited the Northern and Southern Kingdoms long before written history, have been found across the land ("The Dolphin Cross", Magic Mirrors, 166), including items such as coffins, altar slabs, coins, and weaponry. Few people knew from the Latin inscriptions on these pieces now located in museums that their true origin was Roman.

Godwin I, the first King of All the South and the last to hold any real authority, inherited his kingdom "through a series of dynastic perversions, freaks, and mishaps" (Face, 48). Instead of passing his wealth to his oldest son (known as primogeniture), the kingdom was divided among all his sons, who in turn did the same thing, which in time resulted in a map likened to a "rather fussy abstract painting." Various duchies, counties, and principalities formed, many usually no larger than small farms but with extravagant names. Each territory coined its own money and vaguely backed the present king.

The Great South Road, one of Godwin's contributions to the landscape, connects the various territories; the Sea Road is another major thoroughfare. There is also an ancient Roman Road near Brakspeare.



  • Duke Anselm
  • Duke Harald
  • Godwin I
  • Gorm III
  • Othamar


The breakout of the domain greatly resembles the jumbled masses of city-states that were located within Germany and Italy during much of their histories.

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