The bibliography of John Bellairs lists the articles and books he's written and other books where his work has appeared.

"The Scholastic"

The Scholastic is the official student publication of the University of Notre Dame.

  • "Permanent Residents" (Apr. 27, 1956)
  • "Decline and Fall of the Main Building" (Mar. 20, 1959)


"Escape" was the Scholastic humor column during the 1958-59 school year written alternatively by Bellairs and Charles Bowen.

"The Critic"

The Critic was a Catholic magazine published by the Thomas More Association in Chicago that provided literary and intellectual commentary on post-Vatican II Catholic issues.

"The Censer"

While teaching in Minnesota, Bellairs wrote a piece for the College of Saint Teresa literary journal.

"The Southern Review"

While teaching in Minnesota, Bellairs submitted a literary critique to this journal from Adelaide, South Australia.

"The Excalibur"

Bellairs contributed two short pieces to the Shimer College student newspaper, the Excalibur.

"The National Catholic Reporter"

Bellairs contributed a column to the National Catholic Reporter while living in Massachusetts.

  • "Exterminating Negroes; or, Situation Bears Watching" (Mar. 5, 1969)

"The Cambridge Phoenix"

Bellairs wrote three humor columns for inclusion in the Phoenix.

  • "Graffiti" (Oct. 9, 1969)
  • unknown (Oct. 16, 1969)
  • unknown (Oct. 23, 1969)

A Funny Thing Happened To The Church

A collection of humor, cartoons, satire, and fiction from the pages of The Critic.

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