The Cookie Cutter is one of the many victims of Snodrog's logic traps (The Pedant and the Shuffly, 9).  The individual is turned into a flimsy (Pedant, 12-4), but later is restored when Snodrog is defeated (Pedant, 77).


There are only a few named characters in the story but there are other insignificant inhabitants of this strange land that go through the book nameless - such as this “unsuspecting victim”, an ill-omened pawn dubbed a “cookie cutter.”  Pray, what of this profession of cookie cutting?

"As I remember, John gave me a copy of Pedant without comment and I don't know why he called the character the ‘Cookie Cutter.’ To me, a cookie cutter is a baker, and that's the way I pictured this person.[1]

Maybe Bellairs used the term to describe this “unsuspecting victim” as boring, mediocre, or easily persuaded (i.e. another “cookie-cutter” victim?).


  1. Correspondence with Marilyn Fitschen.