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Charles Bowen is a 1959 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where he befriended John Bellairs.  During his senior year he and Bellairs alternated as the weekly author of "Escape", the humor column in the student newspaper, the Scholastic.


  • BA, English, Notre Dame
  • MA English, Yale
  • Ph.D., Celtic Languages and Literature, Harvard


Dr. Bowen has 20-plus years teaching experience in English at the Carnegie Institute of Technology and at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, plus over 15 years as a technical writer for Wang Laboratories. Bowen's interests include literature and reading mysteries novels from a wide range of authors, American history (World War II and Civil War) , European history (particularly Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries), and playing the banjo. Retired, he and his wife reside in Massachusetts.

Escape articles

During the 1958-59 school year, University of Notre Dame seniors John Bellairs and Charles Bowen alternated writing the humor column, "Escape", each week, ending with 12 articles apiece for a total of 24 articles.

  • Issue #2: author no.2: an interlude of literacy (Oct. 10, 1958)
  • Issue #4: some lesser-known traditions (Oct. 24, 1958)
  • Issue #6: lines composed a few inches above an acid stomach (Nov. 7, 1958)
  • Issue #8: a chapter in american folklore (Nov. 21, 1958)
  • Issue #11: a literary event, with critical introduction (Jan. 16, 1959)
  • Issue #13: a child's garden of toadstools (Feb. 13, 1959)
  • Issue #16: tiddy fi yi, or the art of folksong (Mar. 6, 1959)
  • Issue #17: once more unto the breach, dear friends (Mar. 13, 1959)
  • Issue #19: a sentimental column (Apr. 17, 1959)
  • Issue #21: mark shields loves pat donovan (May 1, 1959)
  • Issue #23: tom swift in the academy, or winning out by pluck (May 15, 1959)
  • Issue #25: goodbye to all that (May 29 1959)