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Saint Adiposa was a woman who decided that a life intentionally cut short by overweight could be consecrated to God.  The author of numerous anti-ascetic tracts, her life principal of caloric immolation caused much debate about her status as a martyr but the Council of Trent shelved the matter. A member of the Order of Faithful Fidgettines (Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies; 16, 18).

Food-stuff compared to Saint Fidgeta include a peach, plum, whortleberry[1], sugar cone[2], bonbon[3], and squab[4].

Her Prayer for Relief from Uneasiness evokes Saint Fidgeta's name.


Adiposa: fatty[5].

The prefix anti-ascetic and foodstuffs compared to Fidgeta paint this woman on a large canvas.

Tract: booklet, pamphlet[6].

Immolation: to kill as a sacrifice, especially by fire[7].


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1. The True History of St. Fidgeta, Virgin and Martyr

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