"A Fable of Goar" is the sixth chapter of Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies.


The fully illustrated mini-comic tells the brief story of Saint Goar of Germany, his contentious Christian conversion techniques, and how a local bishops suggests involuntary martyrdom.


The sixth chapter is turned over almost exclusively to Marilyn Fitschen.

"John brought over a couple of his little sketches and Marilyn gave it her treatment.  You'll notice some echoes of Walt Kelly's style with the breaking and bending of the frame and ending with a silhouetted frame. Goar is a bit aggressive in giving his passengers no choice about Christian conversion, by providing terminal baptism, and his aggressive style of conversions is bad for local business since no one is making it across the river.  The powers that be, in this case the local bishop, plan to solve the problem by giving Goar no choice about becoming a martyr and subsequent sainthood. Human history being what it is, the story reflects some of the more ludicrous moments in church history, or any religion's history, right up to the present and continuing in some parts of the world. But to try and give it a historical explication is getting too heavy for such a light tidbit.[1]"


  1. Correspondence with Dale Fitschen.
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6. A Fable of Goar

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